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Jennifer Lawrence has been nominated as 'Best Supporting Actress' for her role in American Hustle at the 86th Annual Academy Awards. American Hustle has also been nominated for another nine awards, including ‘Best Film’ and ‘Best Original Screenplay’.





okay so i’m not a fan of miley but this is 110% true

It kills me how sad she looks in the second gif. =\

Accurately describes society’s views on women.

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just an 11:11 girl living in an 11:12 world

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Piece a gum?

oh now that is fucking brilliant…



Piece a gum?

oh now that is fucking brilliant…

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War shit stuck in tree shit.

trees literally don’t care about anything they just keep growing


Cliffhanger by: Jean-Francois Largot - Masai Mara game reserve, Kenya

Clinging on for dear life to the side of a vertical cliff, the tiny lion cub cries out pitifully for help. His mother arrives at the edge of the precipice with three other lionesses and a male. The females start to clamber down together but turn back daunted by the sheer drop. Eventually one single factor determines which of them will risk her life to save the youngster – motherly love. Slowly, agonisingly, the big cat edges her way down towards her terrified son, using her powerful claws to grip the crumbling cliff side.  One slip from her and both animals could end up dead at the bottom of the ravine. Just as the exhausted cub seems about to fall, his mother circles beneath him and he is snatched up in her jaws. She then begins the equally perilous journey back to the top. Minutes later, they arrive and she gives the frightened creature a consoling lick on the head. by: Paul Thompson

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do you ever wanna listen to music but every song is just not the right song

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